Global Health Technical Assistance Mission Support (GH-TAMS)

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IBTCI is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) 5 year Global Health Technical Assistance Mission Support (GH-TAMS) program. GH-TAMS will provide USAID’s Bureau for #Global Health, Regional Bureaus, and Missions with high quality, external technical expertise to design, support, and manage programs contributing to the achievement of U.S. Government health targets.

IBTCI will provide #USAID operating units with short- and medium-term technical services of consultants with expertise in #health and program cycle activities. IBTCI will identify staff or consultants with the expertise, availability, language proficiencies, and experience needed for tasks requested by USAID. As part of GH-TAMS, @Dexis Consulting Group will serve as a subcontracting partner to IBTCI.

Ajay S. Kalotra, IBTCI’s President and CEO, said he was thrilled with the new award. “GH-TAMS demonstrates USAID’s continuing confidence and faith in IBTCI, based on our strong record in providing excellent support to the Agency.” Mr. Kalotra further stated that the new award “underscores IBTCI’s ability to respond to multiple urgent and priority tasks on behalf of USAID and to quickly deploy high-quality consultant services.”

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