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IBTCI is committed to assisting in-need communities with developing solutions that address food-insecurity, agriculture, and agricultural information communication challenges. With extensive experience evaluating the performance of projects designed to reduce food insecurity and increase resilience of vulnerable populations, small holder farmers, small and medium enterprises, and local community groups, IBTCI has helped hundreds of public and donor-funded organizations determine the overall impact, best practices, and lessons learned from their programs.  IBTCI has expertise in the range of indicators and methods critical to understanding the effectiveness of nutrition, seeds, agricultural support and food assistance.  Our work in food assistance includes humanitarian food aid, development food, McGovern Dole assistance for school feeding, monetization, and cash transfers.   IBTCI has utilized its extensive international experience to help develop local institutions, including working with local survey firms to build their capacity to evaluate food security, agriculture, and resilience, and developing communities of practice within in-need communities to promote the sharing of knowledge and resources needed to analyze and improve how results are measured.  For almost ten years, IBTCI has been a leader in both measuring resilience of communities in the field, and bringing together aid agencies to compare approaches to understanding livelihoods and long-term resilience.