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IBTCI designs and delivers training programs in a wide range of development sectors and is a leader in providing human and institutional capacity development (HICD) for partners, governments and donors. Much of IBTCI’s portfolio includes formal training programs and technical assistance to improve their data collection and analytical techniques to help them identify and implement approaches oriented toward a clear organizational vision. Combining adult education with human-and-institutional capacity-building, IBTCI has helped parastatal agencies, NGOs, universities, the UN, and USAID partners. By utilizing capacity needs assessments, on-job training, and training and workshops, IBTCI assists organizations better understand and improve their internal operations and structures to be more efficient, effective, and develop stronger stakeholder relationships.

Capabilities in

Capacity Building & Training

  • Design Trainings

  • Mentorships

  • Developing Best Practices

  • Trainings about CLA

Design Trainings

IBTCI has designed and implemented trainings for government officials, for our clients, implementing partners and new partnership initiative organizations both in-person and using remote methods. We recently delivered a training, approved by USAID, about the Journey To Self-Reliance for USAID staff.  We've delivered many trainings about how to craft indicators, report outputs and results, pre/post workshop surveys about skills gained, and how to design and implement DQAs. IBTCI also has off the shelf training designs about GIS/GPS, impact evaluation methods, and pandemic control methods.


Mentoring and coaching are common approaches IBTCI uses in improving skills over time in Missions and local counterparts. IBTCI aims to do this by sharing our knowledge and assisting opportunities for turning one's vision into reality by closely working with each and every individual on a personal level so that you're always progressing working toward those career goals.

Developing Best Practices

With our diverse talent pool of expertise IBTCI has made a name for itself in developing and implementing the latest evidence-based best practices in a range of technical areas for our clients. IBTCI learns, shares and keeps building upon the latest methods and practices to ensure institutional memory not only for the organization but through it's partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Trainings about CLA

IBTCI has produced quality learning modules, scenarios, and an IBTCI CLA Toolkit that ensures facilitators to get people involved and think strategically. CLA isn’t about following a template but about really thinking about what works for your situation and context. IBTCI's real-time monitoring/verification reporting to clients allow for an unprecedented degree of adaptation and mid-course corrections that improve the effectiveness of projects.