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IBTCI offers to its clients industry-leading expertise in Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL). Working in every corner of the world, IBTCI supports rigorous MERL tools and methods to assist donors and implementers in performance management. Performance and impact evaluations are designed to provide findings, conclusions, and recommendations that are scalable and actionable. Whether we’re identifying a theory of change, assessing progress toward self-reliance, measuring program performance or designing a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for complex data management, we ensure that high quality data is generated to answer important questions around progress toward intended results.

Capabilities in

Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning

  • Austere/Conflict Settings

  • Analytic Frameworks

  • Large Scale Surveys

  • Collaboration, Learning, Adapting (CLA)

  • Data Quality Assessments

  • Innovative Tools

  • Impact Evaluations

  • Third-Party Monitoring

  • Mission ME&L Platforms

Austere/Conflict Settings

IBTCI specializes and works in some of the most difficult and austere settings around the globe, working with local providers and experts gathering valuable M&E data to inform critical policy and social change.

Analytic Frameworks

Cutting-edge Analytic Frameworks for making sense of myriad data and evidence.

Large Scale Surveys

IBTCI Tracks and records large sample-size household surveys in rural and urban areas.

Collaboration, Learning, Adapting (CLA)

We have successfully fostered the creation of local, national M&E societies.Recent planning for and convening of over three-dozen multi-agency learning events that brought together diverse participants with measures of adult-learning.

Data Quality Assessments

Data Quality Assessments (DQAs) are one of two important ways in which IBTCI checks on the quality of the performance monitoring information it collects and publically reports. The second way in which IBTCI staff learn about performance data quality issues are through project audits conducted by the Office of USAID’s Inspector General which sometimes include a review of project performance monitoring.

Innovative Tools

IBTCI applies contribution analysis and accountability to the implications of program evaluations. Our staff craft custom indicators and performance indicator reference sheets, working closely with implementing partners and donors to address their needs.

Impact Evaluations

IBTCI designs and implements rigorous impact evaluations using experimental and quasi-experimental designs to compare control and intervention groups to measure the impact of the intervention, in both attribution and contribution.

Third-Party Monitoring

IBTCI provides highly specialized services in ongoing monitoring and verification of humanitarian and recovery programs at dozens of NGO and UN project sites in a number of emergency-affected countries, using state-of-the-art risk-flagging systems as part of Third Party Monitoring (TPM) for donors.

Mission ME&L Platforms

IBTCI is the Industry leader in management of large, multi-year, multi-sector MEL platforms for USAID and DFID field Missions, where we juggle numerous simultaneous task orders for on-demand monitoring, evaluations, training and work with IPs for their reporting. For the range of services provided as part of these country-wide contracts, IBTCI has a rich pool of accomplished MEL development specialists available for engagement. Working with clients (USAID) to develop learning agenda's, design and implement CLA activities, and enable effective use of the M&E data.