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IBTCI draws heavily on it’s experience working in the developing world in fostering a more environmentally and sustainable world.  For many years, IBTCI has been active in measuring for clients the effectiveness of ecosystem services, land and ocean conservation, species protection, and pilot initiatives to mitigate the harms from climate change.  IBTCI is skilled at understanding the variants of climate adaptation supported by aid partners.  In all of these activities, IBTCI has built the local capacity to increase buy-in for local stakeholders.

Across a wide array of IBTCI’s work, water is a focus.  IBTCI monitors water and sanitation programs year-around in some of its M&E platforms.  By improving evaluations, and enhancing institutions, policy, and technical capacity, we strengthen water systems and sector management. We work with governments, communities, and key stakeholders interested in applying climate resilience frameworks, low-emissions development strategies, and other new tools and approaches.