Institutional Support

IBTCI’s growing institutional support practice helps U.S. government agencies realize the results that matter to them.   Our clients’ needs are dynamic, so we continually seek new and improved ways to support these needs. IBTCI mobilizes, vets, trains, and deploys hundreds of staff per year to dozens of countries. IBTCI’s data-driven systems, inclusive networks, and deep commitment to diversity enable us to identify and support the highest quality individuals and teams for our clients when and where needed to deliver exceptional results.

Capabilities in

Institutional Support

  • Tools and Analytics

  • Diverse, Specialized Personnel with Secret and Top Secret Clearances

  • Administrative Professionals

  • Strategic, Operational, and Management Support Specialists

  • Technical Experts

Tools and Analytics

Whether it's Deltek, ADP, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Tableau, iCIMS, and many more, IBTCI has it covered to anticipate staffing needs and provide clients and contract personnel with tailored support. IBTCI values consistency and timeliness in our processes. Building on our exceptional support to clients, we systematically review and improve upon our proven processes, tools, and analytical systems that enable our teams to provide anticipatory and responsive support to meet USG requirements and standards.

Diverse, Specialized Personnel with Secret and Top Secret Clearances

IBTCI values the power of networks. In addition to a database with over 52,000 international development personnel, IBTCI has developed sector-specific and geographic-specific networks to best respond to our clients' needs. Our talent identification, selection, and hiring processes prepare us for ongoing and surge recruitment support to meet the dynamic needs of our clients, including identification of highly qualified contract personnel with secret and top secret clearances.

Administrative Professionals

From junior level staff to senior and high level key personnel, IBTCI continues to pursue and allocate only the best to ensure the best outcomes and results for USAID, Department of State, and other USG Federal Agencies.

Strategic, Operational, and Management Support Specialists

Our talent pools of former USG direct hires provide strategic, coverage, and operations surge support when needed to ensure continuity of USG operations.

Technical Experts

Our trained contract managers leverage our state-of-the-art talent acquisition and tracking system to build vetted personnel pipelines tailored to the priorities of each client. As a result, IBTCI routinely identifies and mobilizes subject matter experts within one or two weeks of a client's request.