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IBTCI’s Financial Management and Accountability work provides a wide range of technical assistance to public and private sector clients to strengthen their management and governance processes.   We provide fiscal agents, training in accounting systems, and guidance about privatization.  This has included treasuries, ministries, private-investment partnerships and multilateral organizations.  We have extensive experience in providing capacity building assistance, training, and assessing and improving financial management systems.  Our work has led to more transparent business processes and practices and greatly improved our clients relationships with their investors, donors, and the public.

Capabilities in

Financial Management & Risk Mitigation

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Developing Financial Infrastructure

  • Fiscal Reform

  • Governance & Accountability

Financial Risk Management

with former Inspector General staff on our team, we are able to examine the adequacy of internal controls in programs and organizations, including dedicated funds. Our strategic risk mitigation tools allow us to anticipate procurement and cash-flow challenges in advance of their occurring. IBTCI provides expert consulting and training services to assist public and private sector clients in solving important financial/fiscal management and governance issues they face and establishing effective and efficient management and governance processes.

Developing Financial Infrastructure

We provide advice in developing effective and efficient oversight mechanisms for both operational and financial policies. IBTCI assesses fiduciary safeguards that organizations have developed and provides recommendations for their strengthening. We provide policy and operational assistance in reforming procurements to ensure that they are fair, efficient, and effective.

Fiscal Reform

Many of IBTCI's clients have been governments seeking technical assistance in fiscal reform, privatization, capital investments, and accounting systems.  IBTCI offers expertise in:- Budgeting and Expenditure Control - Expenditure Policy - Tax Policy and Revenue Administration - Debt Policy and Borrowing - Fiscal Monitoring (GFSM 2001 & ESA 95) - Fiscal Decentralization and Inter-Governmental Finance - Other issues related to governmental financial systems, e-government and economic governance

Governance & Accountability

IBTCI's extensive work donors, UN agencies and programs has given our team a strong understanding of the governance structure of aid organizations. Our verification and performance evaluations allow us to account for how and where aid dollars are spent, delays, gaps, stockouts, and diversion of funds.