Iraq Community Stabilization Program (CSP)

IBTCI was selected to provide long-term advisory services for USAID’s Iraq Community Stabilization Program (CSP) as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation Performance Program, Phase II (MEPP II) to provide review of portfolio activities totalling over $5 billion, including projects in infrastructure, health, economic growth, democracy and governance, private sector development, and education.  For CSP, IBTCI measured USAID and development partners’ efficacy in the creation of jobs and employable skills, revitalization of community infrastructure and essential services, support for established businesses and development of new sustainable businesses, and support to mitigate conflict in selected communities. IBTCI utilized qualitative and quantitative measurements to support the CSP, including the conducting of data analysis to highlight statistical differences in work experience between apprentices and vocational education graduates and conducting in-person evaluations, key informant interviews (KIIs), and surveys in Al Qaim, Baghdad, Basrah, Falluja, Hilla, Mosul, Tal Afar, and Kirkuk.