Haiti Food for Peace Final Evaluation

Following an Inspector General review of food aid to Haiti, USAID contracted IBTCI to conduct a final performance evaluation of the large 5-year Haiti Multi-Year Assistance Program (MYAP), a Food for Peace program implemented by World Vision, Catholic Relief Services and ACDI/VOCA.. USAID sought to improve livelihoods of vulnerable groups in Haiti through five initiatives: 1) improving the nutritional and health practices of targeted vulnerable populations, 2) improve the quality of and access to health care services, 3) increase food production to household assets, 4) enhance market-based livelihoods, and 5) rehabilitate natural resource resiliency and local response capabilities. IBTCI’s evaluations determined the overall impact of the program by investigating the extent to which the food security status of the civilians within Haiti had changed, including conducting a measurement of the nutritional status of over 1,900 children, which of the distinct field initiatives had contributed to improving resilience in the targeted communities, and which models implemented by cooperating international development companies were the most cost-effective.