El Salvador Workforce Development

USAID/El Salvador contracted IBTCI to undertake a mid-term performance evaluation of the Improving Access to Employment Program (IAEP) in El Salvador. The performance evaluation informed USAID/ES how effective the IAEP has been in increasing employment, including among at-risk youth and people with disabilities. IBTCI’s mid-term evaluation of the IAEP assessed the program’s ability to promote occupational skills standards and competency certification, including workforce training, expand consumer based reports and provide career counseling and placement, improve the labor market information system, and create alliances with the private sector.  The mid-term evaluation additionally advised on how to make adjustments, if necessary, for the remaining life of the project. The performance evaluation informed USAID about how effective the public-private partnership model used in El Salvador was at the project’s mid-term. In turn, IBTCI’s evaluation determined the effects on beneficiaries (defined as individuals and academic, governmental, civil society and private sector institutions).