Bangladesh TIGER Evaluation

As part of IBTCI’s long-term monitoring and evaluation (M&E) platform in Bangladesh, the Accelerated Capacity for Monitoring and Evaluation (ACME) Program, USAID tasked IBTCI to evaluate the Bagh portfolio of activities that supported protection of the Royal Bengal Tiger, particularly in the southwestern Sundarbans region. Included in the activities reviewed was providing support to the national Wildlife Crime Control Unit (WCCU), developing capacity of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and civil society to respond to wildlife trafficking, and engaging regional and international actors to include Bangladesh in global efforts to control wildlife trafficking.  IBTCI’s evaluation determined that Bagh made progress toward achieving outcomes in three major components: 1) expanding the local and international knowledge base, 2) reducing illegal wildlife trafficking, and 3) minimizing human-wildlife conflict. IBTCI’s Evaluation Team additionally found improved livelihoods for conservation to be the top priority among all Bagh components.