Strategic Communications in Latin America

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IBTCI was awarded in 2020 a multi-year staffing contract for the USAID Latin America and Caribbean Bureau (LAC), as a subcontractor to Commonwealth Trading Partners, also known as CTP.

Among other things this has expanded IBTCI’s specialization in strategic communications, particularly in the northern Triangle or “dry corridor” of Central America, a high priority for the US Government.
IBTCI embedded personnel in the Northern Triangle Task Force focus are assigned to strengthen government accountability, to advance educational and economic opportunities and to mitigate irregular migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  ISPI Principal, Jody Schubert says, “We have been very fortunate to have identified such capable staff for all of our LAC contract positions.”

Recently, IBTCI has recruited and deployed eight long-term personnel who are embedded in seven Latin American offices of USAID.  In addition, IBTCI has short-term personnel, including five former USAID Foreign Services Officers and one Senior Strategic Communications Specialist.