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For over 20 years, Ron Baker has traveled near and far to utilize his skills as a Capacity Building Specialist. Across all age groups and from educators, to corporations, and governments, Ron brings a dynamic range of experiences to the table. Continuing in this vein, Ron is set to accompany other team members this September on a capacity-building and training trip to Nairobi. As the primary architect for IBTCI’s Nawiri Project, Ron has developed the Kenya Nawiri Capacity Building Strategy from scratch. Resonating with USAID Administrator Power’s emphasis on amplifying local voices to ensure inclusive development, Ron has been vigilant about the integration and compatibility of Catholic Relief Services’ philosophy in IBTCI’s approach. “Our strategy is to help strengthen their capacity as a partner, not just us telling you what to do.” Ron is highly experienced at conducting “Training of Trainers” and is looking forward to getting on the same foundational page with the field office and IPs on his upcoming trip to Nairobi. During his time away from the home office in the field, he is looking forward to working with those on the ground to create a firm understanding of the Routine Data Quality Assessment trainers and how, by design, it is adaptable to different practice areas across government ministries. “I hope to help people fully understand not just what it does, but how it can help their work.”