Procurement Reform Practice Area

IBTCI experience covers a wide range of procurement services. We assist clients that have responsibilities for ensuring that procurements are economic, efficient, fair and transparent: for the international financing institutions that make loans and grants for development, the governments that receive these funds, and the agencies that carry out the procurement processes.

The procurement process itself is straightforward, complexities arise in the details—how to organize and assign responsibilities; how to specify what is required; how to be sure bidders can perform; what criteria to use for evaluating offers; how to compare different goods, works or services offered by bidders in different countries, quoting prices in different currencies; what kinds of guarantees are required, etc. Answers to these and other questions come from in-depth knowledge of the process and years of experience in carrying it out.

IBTCI has offered all of the services needed to handle any procurement situation, from the ordinary to the most complex, from smaller value, short term studies/ assessments to multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts, and knows how to best tailor the approach to fit the particular circumstances.

IBTCI excels in serving as a Procurement Agent. We provide expert advice in developing and enhancing:

  • Procurement Rules, Procedures, Requirements and Best Practices;
  • Procurement Operations Manuals and Standard Bidding Documents; as well as
  • Procurement Plans and Procurement Implementation Plans.

IBTCI also specializes in the provision of training procurement professionals and other stakeholders, specifically with the objective to:

  • Increase supply of training options for procuring entities; and to
  • Support client by developing and providing training via sensitization workshops for the private sector and civil society.

Procurement Agent Services

  • Manage and administer effectively the purchase of a wide variety of goods, works and services.
  • Analyse market conditions in order to optimize the success of the procurement activity.
  • Plan, schedule, and prioritize the procurement functions, including plans for the efficient and effective procurement of goods, works, and services
  • Execute the procurement functions necessary to acquire efficiently the goods, works and services requested.
  • Developing standard bidding documents describing the objects of the procurements, including the scopes of work, statements of requirements, specifications, terms of reference, bills of quantities, engineering designs and drawings, and ensure that they are adequately prepared and finalized in a reasonable and balanced manner without being overly restrictive.
  • Conduct procurements in a manner that provides open competition to the maximum extent practical in order to assure advantageous prices for clients and equal and fair access for eligible suppliers and contractors. 
  • Follow up on orders placed to expedite performance of suppliers and contractors.  Take all appropriate actions to ensure successful performance and if necessary, take actions to procure the goods, services, or works.
  • Arrange for proper inspection, testing or review to ensure suppliers and contractors act in conformity with the terms and conditions of contracts and purchase orders, and that deliverables conform to the specifications and descriptions of the goods, works and services.
  • Assure that all procurement activity is performed in a fully professional, transparent and ethical manner and that all suppliers and contractors are treated on a fair and equal basis.
  • Guard against conflicts of interest, real or in appearance, in the conduct of the procurement activity.
  • Maintain controls throughout the procurement activity to ensure good faith, fair dealing and appropriate confidentiality by those officially involved in the procurement activity.
  • Protect the procurement activity from fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Assist clients to respond promptly and fairly to Bid Challenges about the procurement activity. 
  • Assume other operational, functional, and contractual obligations and responsibilities as is customary in performing the duties of a Procurement Agent.

Procurement Training

IBTCI provides expert training in areas such as:

  • Standard Bidding Documents (SBD)
  • The Act, Regulations and Desk Instructions
  • Uploading of procurement information
  • Complaint review framework
  • Technical specifications
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Procurement planning
  • Record keeping
  • Contract execution