Knowledge Management, Communications, & Outreach

IBTCI has led the design of many web-based knowledge management and performance-reporting systems for our USAID programs, which create a platform where clients, partnering organizations, and local governments have access to data to inform management and program decisions. These systems utilize tailored, efficient workflow processes to capture detailed program data, enabling users to track financial information, conduct data quality assessments, remotely monitor field activities, and generate fully-customizable reports in various user-friendly formats. To provide greater ownership of data and results, we regularly have key stakeholders in our programs participate in outreach activities. Outreach occurs at the community, national and international levels and include: media coverage; press releases; research summary documents; flyers, posters, brochures, and research briefs; policy briefs; community-agency publications, websites and list-serves; seminars or conferences and community meetings; and, publishable reports and articles for peer-review journals. We develop communication materials based on the target audience needs and understanding of our programs. Our program teams work in consultation with implementing partners and host country government officials to develop and implement appropriate dissemination material e.g., policy briefs, lesson learned papers, best practice documents.