Institutional Support

IBTCI  provides technical and administrative support services to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other U.S. government agencies worldwide. Our technical, operational, and administrative professionals help our clients respond to critical and new challenges and fill staffing gaps to achieve their goals. A diverse cross-section of employees and consultants can provide a higher level of value-added support to our clients through their differing experiences, perspectives, and approaches to addressing complex challenges. Our approach to attracting a diverse set of employees and consultants goes beyond gender to include age and generation experience, people with disabilities, cultures and origins, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We continuously ask ourselves, “What are we not doing from a diversity and inclusion perspective and what do we want to see?” This approach creates a diverse cross-section of employees and consultants to provide the best possible support to our clients.


IBTCI is the prime contract holder of the $70 million USAID Global Health Technical Assistance and Mission Support (GH-TAMS) services contract (2019-2024) and the major subcontractor of the $21.6 million USAID Latin America and Caribbean Bureau for Institutional Support Contract (USAID/LAC BISC, 2020-2025). As the prime of GH-TAMS, IBTCI typically manages 70-90 assignments concurrently to support a minimum of seven Global Health offices, 22 bilateral missions, and two regional missions. Since the contract award in October 2019, through September 2020, IBTCI has responded to more than 156 technical and coverage support assignment requests from USAID Global Health. Through GH-TAMS, IBTCI continues to support numerous USAID Global Health offices and missions remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Under LAC BISC, IBTCI and our prime contractor are providing up to 15 long-term program operations, communications and outreach, and administrative staff to USAID/LAC Bureau offices in Washington, DC and a range of short-term technical experts to LAC missions and offices throughout the region. Our personnel, both long-term and on-demand short-term, will provide critical support to help the Bureau achieve its goals, including governance, political stabilization, and private sector development.