USAID Land Tenure and Resource Management (LTRM)

IBTCI was selected to assist in the implementation of three programs supported by USAID’s Office of Land Tenure and Resource Management (LTRM) as part of the Property Rights and Resource Governance Program (PRRG). These three programs were the Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance (GSTA), Promoting Transformation by Linking Nature, Wealth and Power (TransLinks), and Property Rights and Resource Governance (PRRG).  The overarching framework for IBTCI’s LTRM evaluations addressed how each of the programs accomplished their objectives and if resources were allocated effectively.

As part of its evaluation, IBTCI assessed five components of the PRRG program, including training, learning/application tools, knowledge management, and mission and operating unit buy-ins. IBTCI additionally assessed domestic and international training courses intended for US government (USG) personnel designed to strengthen participants’ understanding of LTPR and best practices internationally and introduce relevant infrastructure concepts, including introduction to land tenure and property rights (LTPR), natural resource rights and biodiversity protection, and land administration and markets. IBTCI observed similar courses that were held in Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Liberia, Namibia, and Sierra Leone to measure impact among participants and identify overall course efficacy.