USAID Integrated Initiatives for Economic Growth

IBTCI conducted a final evaluation of the USAID Integrated Initiatives for Economic Growth (IICEM) Project. USAID implemented IICEM to promote market-driven agricultural production, expand Mali’s agricultural industry and the rural community’s impact on its development, and ensure local food availability. IBTCI evaluated millet, sorghum, and rice value chain activities in Mali, the interconnectivity of farmer cooperatives, processors, and banks, and IICEM’s overall effect on rural livelihoods. Evaluation results were used to help USAID better understand which activities under the current program made sustainable gains in the agriculture sector, the program’s impact along the entire agricultural value chain, as well as learn the effect of economic instability on community stakeholder’s behavior. IBTCI’s evaluation targeted randomly selected farming producers in the regions of Mopti and Sikasso and included a survey that captured information from local populations inside and outside IICEM’s intervention.