Monitoring & Evaluation for Tunisia and Libya (METAL)

IBTCI has been contracted to provide technical support for monitoring, evaluation, and learning services for USAID/Tunisia and USAID/Libya. These two programs have separate and distinct monitoring, evaluation, and learning needs. In Tunisia, IBTCI is bolstering USAID/Tunisia’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) goal and development objectives (DOs) by assisting its efforts to gain and apply knowledge derived from monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) as well as strengthening the capacity of USAID/Tunisia and some of its local partners in monitoring, evaluation and knowledge management. In Libya, team IBTCI is providing third-party remote-monitoring and evaluation services as well as support in efforts to gain and apply knowledge derived from MEL to inform its program and strategy decisions. As a leader in fragile state, and conflict zone monitoring, IBTCI is working with local stakeholders to strengthen the foundations of Libya’s democracy, peace, and prosperity through broad-based partnerships.