Steve Hansch has been teaching about development and working with NGOs for almost forty years, and has worked with a dozen NGOs and the red cross in planning and implementing primarily humanitarian aid programs. He works within IBTCI’s E3 team – focusing on technical work, program oversight and developing new business.  He has designed, directed or lead or participated in a number of evaluations at IBTCI including environmental conservation, economic growth, food aid cost efficiency, and emergency relief.  His public health degree, in epidemiology, is from Boston University, and BA from Stanford.  In the early 1990s he was Program Director of the consortium of food assistance agencies, the largest US NGOs, where he brokered industry-wide policies, accountability standards, and field approaches.  He has worked in roughly 40 refugee camps and roughly forty countries, mostly in crises. He serves on a number of NGO boards, notably, Relief International, World Hunger Education Service, DARA US, and Partners for Development.  For most of the past twenty years he has been adjunct faculty, teaching graduate course on humanitarian aid, at Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, George Washington and American universities.  He has previously taught at Stanford, Columbia and Monterey (Middlebury).