Dr. Oleksandr Rohozynsky is an evaluation specialist with more than 25 years of international development and research experience. In the area of Global Health his experience includes evaluation of PEPFAR-funded behavioral change projects in Uganda, monitoring and evaluation for WASH projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and conducting Frozen Embryo research for DHHS. In Education, Oleksandr has experience directing Kyiv School of Economics, implementing training and education programs for adults and youth, and evaluating various USAID-funded projects, including technical leadership of EGRA data collection in Zambia. With his four masters’ degrees and a Ph.D. in Policy Analysis, Dr. Rohozynsky brings to IBTCI wealth of technical skills. He is highly proficient in development of sophisticated evaluation and study designs, implementation of complex surveys, statistical analysis, economic forecasting, data mining and visualization, and use of modern ICT for data collection and research.  He developed winning proposals and implemented projects for variety of government and public clients, including US Department of State (DoS) and Department of Defense (DoD), USAID, Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), US Department of Trade (DoT), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Labor (DoL), Gates Foundation, Swiss AID, European Commission/European Union, World Bank, and others. Dr. Rohozynsky has hands-on experience implementing project-level M&E systems, and designing methodology and leading evaluations in different subject areas. His subject matter expertise includes healthcare/PEPFAR, education, economic development, trade policies, public finance and welfare systems, and information-communication technology. He implemented projects and evaluations in different regions of the world, including Africa, Asia, Middle East, Former Soviet Union, and South America. In addition to English, he is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, can speak in Polish and converse in other Slavic languages, and is studying Spanish now.

In his free time, Oleksandr likes to ride bikes and camp in remote areas.