USAID/Egypt Labor Market Assessment (LMA)

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IBTCI has been awarded the Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) contract to conduct the USAID/Egypt Labor Market Assessment. USAID/Egypt has designed a new program called the Higher Education Partnership Program (HEPP) which aims to develop a competitively competitive workforce by creating partnerships among U.S. and Egyptian public universities and technical colleges and the private business sector and strengthen partner institutional performance via HICD methodology.
The HICD-principled performance assessment will:
1) Inform USAID/Egypt and the Government of Egypt which sectors and sub-sectors of the economy are unable to grow because of limited supply of human capital but demonstrate high-growth potential; 
2) Identify public universities and technical colleges contributing to broad-based economic growth; and 
3) Provide actionable recommendations of 15-20 postsecondary institutions that have the greatest potential for contributing to economic growth and transforming university and technical college programs. 
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