Request for Proposals: Review of Stabilization Activity in Somalia

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IBTCI seeks proposals to conduct review of Stabilization activity inSomalia

Solicitation Number: MEPS-12-13-2013

Issuance Date: Dec. 13, 2013

Closing Date: Dec. 20, 2013

Closing Time: 5pm Nairobi time

The USAID Monitoring &Evaluation Program for Somalia (MEPS) funded by the United States Agencyfor International Development (USAID) and the U.K. Department for InternationalDevelopment (DfID), and implemented by International Business & TechnicalConsultants, Inc. (IBTCI) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals ororganizations interested in conducting an external review of the work of theBritish Embassy Mogadishu (BEM) Stabilisation Team, and in particular of theBEM Stabilisation Mechanism. The purpose of this review is to:

a.       Inform the design of Conflict Pooland, beyond 2015, CSSF-funded, programming in Somalia and the structuresrequired to support it,

b.      Identify relevant lessons for HMGSomalia and its partners for stabilisation in Somalia and beyond.

The reviewwill examine the work of the BEM Stabilisation Team within the framework of theBEM Stabilisation Strategy, as per OECD DAC criteria:

c.       Relevance: Strategy, alignment andintegration

d.      Efficiency: Process and value formoney

e.      Effectiveness: Delivery and impact

The fullTerms of Reference (ToR) will be provided to interested Offerors upon request.

IBTCI plans to award asubcontract issued on a fixed price basis with a total estimated cost in therange of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000,000). The review is anticipatedto take no longer than three months to complete, and will include travel toSomalia, including Baidoa, Beletweyn and Mogadishu, subject to the availabilityof funds. By stating the total estimatedcost for the subcontract, it is not intended that Offerors should strive tomeet this amount, but rather Offerors are encouraged to propose costs that theybelieve are realistic and reasonable for the work. Cost proposals will beevaluated as part of a best value determination for subcontract award. Should further Amendments benecessary, potential bidders will be notified via email. It is theresponsibility of the recipient of this solicitation to ensure that thesolicitation has been received from IBTCI in its entirety. USAID nor MEPS bearsno responsibility for data errors resulting from transmission or conversionprocesses.

Submission Instructions

If individuals or organizationsdecide to submit a proposal in response to this solicitation, it must besubmitted in accordance via email to the specified contact person prior to the establisheddeadline. Any proposal not received by the contact person listed below by theclosing date and time will be rejected. Proposals, and modificationsthereto, shall be submitted via email with the subject line: “MEPS-12-13-2013:Proposal for review of DfID-funded activity in Somalia”. All proposals should be deliveredto Ms. Diana Otieno at [email protected]prior to the deadlines listed at the beginning of this solicitation.

Proposals shall be prepared intwo separate parts: a Technical Proposal shall describe the qualifications ofthe proposed consultant while the (Business) Cost Proposal shall present thecosts and address related issues. Proposals may be submitted in Microsoft Word,Excel or PDF.


Any questions regarding this RFP,including request of the full ToR, should be received no later than December 17,2013, at 12:00 Nairobi time, in writing only. No questions will beaccepted after this date. Please send questions to Ms. Diana Otieno at [email protected]Oral instructions and explanationsgiven before the award of the contract resulting from this solicitation shallnot be binding. 

Issuance of this solicitationdoes not in any way obligate IBTCI to award a contract nor does it commit IBTCIto pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal.Furthermore, IBTCI reserves the right to reject any and all offers, if suchaction is considered to be in the best interest of IBTCI.