Reading Analysis in the Republic of Djibouti

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IBTCI is conducting an analysis of reading levels in Djibouti in primary schools including reading comprehension and possible factors leading to it such as cultural attitudes and fears regarding girls’ education, lack of awareness or acknowledgement of gender gaps, distance to school, lack of female role models, and gender related challenges in transition to middle school. IBTCI will be assessing these factors and how they inform reading comprehension levels for students in primary schools in Djibouti by conducting four studies: a curriculum and learning materials review, a pre-service and in-service teacher training study, an analysis of teacher perceptions and attitudes and how these influence teacher practices in reading instruction, and a book production sector study. The overall goals of these studies are to inform better best practices to the USAID Mission in Djibouti in order to enhance reading comprehension levels for children in primary schools as well as to increase awareness of gender concerns in the Djibouti primary school system.