Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Support (MELS) Activity

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IBTCI has been contracted by the USAID Mission in Malawi to perform performance evaluations and assessment services. IBTCI is providing support to the Feed the Future (FtF) and Environment (Global Climate Change (GCC) and biodiversity) activities that are managed by USAID/Malawi’s Sustainable Economic Growth (SEG) Office. The goals of the FTF Initiative are to sustainably reduce poverty and hunger and improve the nutritional status of women and children. The GCC Initiative aims to advance Malawi’s low-emissions and climate-resilient development through enhanced adaptive capacity, forest conservation, climate smart agriculture and improved natural resource management. USAID/Malawi is also implementing biodiversity earmark activities which aim at reducing priority threats to Malawi’s globally significant aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity. This protects critical upstream habitats, improving the management of some of its most important protected areas and combatting wildlife trafficking.