MELS Capacity Building Workshop

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On June 11-13, 2019 the USAID/Malawi MELS Project convened over 40 Malawian MEL
practitioners in Lilongwe for an annual learning workshop on the “State of Monitoring,
Evaluation, and Learning”, implemented by IBTCI. The workshop this year had four objectives:

1. Update the Malawian M&E practitioners on the state of Monitoring, Evaluation, and
Learning (MEL) and USAID expectations to date.  
2. Explore impact evaluations and share experiences in using outcomes for future
3. Facilitate a discussion on analytical frameworks and share experiences and lessons
learned regarding using data for action.   
4. Come together to create a formal Malawi M&E Community of Practice. 

At the end of the three days, the workshop participants voted on a new name for the community
of practice, along with an updated mission statement. From now on the Malawi M&E Community
of Practice will be known as “The Kauniuni Forum” with an inclusive mission statement:
To convene Monitoring and Evaluation practitioners across Malawi, and to build individual and
organizational capacity in the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning sector.
Moving forward The Kauniuni Forum will continue to be resourced by the USAID/Malawi MELS
Project and continue to convene all M&E practitioners in Malawi to strengthen MEL skills and