IBTCI Employees Receive Praise at USAID

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Two outstanding IBTCI employees, Nicole Miller (USAID/LAC) and Eric Forehand (USAID/RISSA) working as Institutional Support Contractors (ISC) embedded within the US Agency for International Development (USAID) have been recognized for their significant contributions in the workplace.

Nicole Miller is a Program and Support Analyst at the USAID Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). At USAID/LAC, Nicole has

been commended for her efforts in working towards the agency’s goal of building a more “diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible (DEIA) workplace”. One activity in which Nicole played a key role was a recent visit to D.C. from the Bureau’s  Afro-Indigenous Colombian fellows: “She coordinated scheduling and programming for the entire trip, ensuring they were able to meet with key stakeholders within the Agency, interagency, and on the Hill. In doing so, she built a platform for them to share their stories and ideas in a way they wouldn’t otherwise have. The network she helped them build has been key in aiding them in their career development post-fellowship.”  The overall success of the trip has been recognized by Ambassador Murillo and the Colombian Press.

At USAID/LAC, Nicole ensures that DEIA considerations are incorporated into her day-to-day work. Anytime there is a visitor to the D.C. office, she ensures that there are consultations regarding DEIA topics. Frequently, she facilitates the connection of local implementing partners with experts in the field to enhance USAID/LAC initiatives related to DEIA concerns, especially those related to disability.

As stated by USAID/LAC, “She truly goes above and beyond.” We couldn’t agree more- congratulations, Nicole!

Eric Forehand, a former Program Associate with the Conflict, Crisis, and Governance Team at IBTCI, has been recognized for his exceptional performance working with the USAID Research and Institutional Support Service Activity (RISSA) team within the USAID/AFR Program. Eric’s many contributions have been noted, one such being an on-boarding resource packet he created for the RISSA department, which a USAID representative called “perhaps the most comprehensive and thorough that I’ve ever seen.”

Additionally, Eric has taken on responsibilities related to coordinating and managing numerous events throughout the D.C. area. At the Young Leaders in African Initiatives (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship Summit, which took place on July 31st- August 2nd, he “handled a million details large and small, always with good humor, interacted in a professional and collegial manner with the Fellows, and ensured that USAID shined at what was largely a State Department event”. Additionally, Eric was instrumental in handling the details for a co-creation workshop held at 555, which culminated in a very successful week for USAID.

Congratulations Eric, and thank you for putting 100% into everything you do!