Angola, Liberia, Mozambique: Mid-term Monitoring and Evaluation

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Alfalit: Mid-term Monitoring and Evaluation of Alfalit’s Literacy Programs in Liberia, Mozambique, and Angola (USAID):

IBTCI is examining the goals, impact, effectiveness and efficiency of Alfalit services in Liberia, Mozambique and Angola. The Alfalit programs in these three countries aim to increase literacy, targeting both youth and adults. Additionally, Alfalit programs train literacy facilitators (teachers) and provide access to literacy materials. The mid-term monitoring and evaluation will examine stakeholders’ perceptions of Alfalit success, literacy learning, teacher training practices and materials to: a) verify stated goals and impacts; b) assess the progress of the literacy programs; c) identify if Alfalit International is delivering services effectively; d) evaluate the cost effectiveness in the use of USAID funding and e) make recommendations on the best ways forward. The aim of this approach is to gather both a wide range of perspectives and evidence on the efficiency and efficacy of the Alfalit model and an in-depth understanding of how Alfalit is progressing in each country context. The results of this evaluation will inform future design and implementation of Alfalit initiatives