The USAID/Rwanda Literacy Enhanced across Rwanda Now Impact Evaluation (LEARN IE)

IBTCI will design and conduct an impact evaluation of the planned Soma Umenye activity, specifically the extent to which Soma Umenye’s interventions have improved classroom instruction, improved early grade reading outcomes and led to success in schooling, as well as evaluate and provide recommendations to improve the success and sustainability of programming. The results of this impact evaluation will be used by USAID, the Government of Rwanda, other development organizations, policy makers, and local stakeholders to inform and advocate for policy and future program design in the education sector, both in Rwanda and in other countries working to improve student reading outcomes, during and beyond the life of the Soma Umenye activity. The evaluation will also strengthen understanding and evidence of the link between improved reading and higher level goals of the USAID/Rwanda Country Development Cooperation Strategy (i.e., success in schooling) in the Rwandan context to inform broader USAID development strategies. In addition, IBTCI will provide recommendations to USAID/Rwanda to improve current programming based on the evaluation analysis, findings, and conclusions.


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