Bolivia: Mission Assessment

Mission Assessment for Program Planning: IBTCI is assessing USAID’s program in Bolivia, and analyze whether the sectors in which the Mission currently works are most appropriate, given Bolivia’s development needs, the Government of Bolivia’s (GOB) priorities and National Development Plan, the U.S.-Bolivia bilateral relationship, the work of other donors in Bolivia, USAID’s Mission Strategic Plan, current/anticipated resource levels, and USAID Mission staffing. IBTCI will determine how USAID can better integrate its existing programs and align them with the GOB’s development priorities and with the work of other donors. Advise on possible Government-to-Government programs, including how other donors are implementing Government-to-Government programs and identify possible programmatic openings; and provide recommendations on sectors in which USAID should focus when it prepares its next Mission strategy. 


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  • Worldwide (MCC): Standby Procurement and Fiscal Agent Services
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  • Ukraine (EBRD): Targeted Crisis Response Framework
  • Worldwide (U.S. DoS): Monitoring and Evaluation IDIQ
  • East Africa (USAID): Evaluation Services and Program Support IDIQ
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